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Entertainment and film industry in India is flourishing like never before. Films, parties and other events look amazing when special effects are inserted. Banu Films Works Pvt. Ltd. is a premium supplier and service provider of special effects and related equipments to films, projects and all types of events. The natural and alluring effects like fog, haze, bubbles, snow, dry ice, rain, wind, simulated flames, pyrotechnic controllers and indoor pyrotechnic are offered with a distinction.

Located in Delhi Film City since 1995, we remain the foremost choice and leading provider of solutions for the entertainment industry. Apart from generating striking effects and turning ambience into a dazzling one, we have been a renowned supplier of specialized rental equipment, materials and customized machine and equipment to the film industry as well as a prop house. Our special effects service is offered to commercial and music industries.

Entertainment industry and various event organisers seek our services whenever there are needs of physical special effects, like wind, rain, snow or virtually any physical effects support. Banu Films Works Pvt Ltd lends its services if you have a commercial, rock video or a prop to be built. If you wish to add grandeur and magnificence in any of your events, and want to create special effects, then Banu Films is right here to be your choice.

Quality matters the most for us, as we forever strive to make films, events, partiers, and ambience look good. Quality speaks for one’s work, and Banu Films just believes in delivering quality in all possible aspects. Creating special effects like physical changes and technical efficiency is the task needs expertise and innovation. We provide all what makes things really special. Serving in the niche categories like film and entertainment needs quality in all business aspect, and we not only deliver, but also assure of striking and dazzling effects to one’s projects of every nature.

An ambience gets turned into dazzling one with some technical and high quality machines and tools. We have a wide array of instruments that are used for creating favourable and glittering surroundings. Storm Fans, Blowers, Rain machines, fog machines, Rig, Rustoms, Web Spider Machines etc are availed at us by the clients. These wide ranges of machines are managed by us. All our machines work amazingly well as we maintain them in the best possible manners so that better and special effects can be created.