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Special Effects
Creating special effects is our business, and the task is executed with great care and delicacy. Special effects make films and parties to look quite natural, and rain, wind, fog, fire, explosions etc really work in splendid ways. You can seek the services of Banu Films for all your occasions.

Bullets Effect
Certain aspects in films and events must look real to enhance their authenticity. We have been offering our Bullets Effects to that minute extent to make events appear almost real.

Umber Blast
Our Umber Blast will tempt you no end, and you will sure to call us again for the same. You won’t find the same special umber blast anywhere else, and Banu Films is the best choice.

Mud Blast
For Blasts in films, you must always come to us, as we make blasts look really natural. Mud Blast is executed with our fine array of tools. Get in touch with us to delight the audience with our spectacular mud blast.

Creating a natural and romantic setting is an easy task with Banu Films, and you can surprise the audience with Fog. Our Fog will make surroundings look pretty amazing.