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Special Effects
Creating special effects is our business, and the task is executed with great care and delicacy. Special effects make films and parties to look quite natural, and rain, wind, fog, fire, explosions etc really work in splendid ways. You can seek the services of Banu Films for all your occasions.

Canon Blast
With the help of high-quality and sophisticated tools, we create special effects through Canon Blast. It’s up to you to add thrill with a reality touch in your projects, as we are right here to support you.

Cable Hanging
Some of our services require stunt men, and Cable hanging is one of them where adventure and fascination thrill people.

Body Fire
Body Fire is delicately executed by our stunt men to make your projects look almost real one. You can have our Body Fire service that adds thrill and curiosity for audience.

Chamki Blast
Our Chamki Blast is done with specific tools. You can take advantage from our chamki blast to make your projects look real and splendid.