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Equipments for Hire
Banu Films provides some of innovative and technical effective tools to create special effects. These special equipments come in various types, and clients can expect better and workable equipments like Storm Fans, Blowers, Rain machines, fog machines, Rig, Rustoms, Web Spider Machines etc.

Dry Ice Fog Machines
For dry ice settings, our Dry Ice Fog machines lend precisely the ambience you want in your project. Hire our Dry Ice Fog Machines for a perfect and natural setting amid reality.

With Banu Films, you expect wide variety of rig for your project.

Our Rustoms help you erase the unwanted shadows of people coming in front to spoil films. Parties, events etc. You too can remove those useless shadows with our Rustoms.

Web Spider Machines
Our Web Spider Machines create puzzling, baffling and interesting web of spiders to make your films, events and projects offer the olden days touch. You can contact us for you web needs in projects.

Hydraulic Platforms
Our Hydraulic Platforms bring a sense of elevation while filming shoots and you can have better filming positions. Get in touch with us for diverse Hydraulic machines.

Folding Stage (40'x60')
For parties, events and movies, you can have folding stages to accommodate people. Our Folding Stage carries a sense of ease and they easily get folded and save plenty of space.