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Equipments for Hire
Banu Films provides some of innovative and technical effective tools to create special effects. These special equipments come in various types, and clients can expect better and workable equipments like Storm Fans, Blowers, Rain machines, fog machines, Rig, Rustoms, Web Spider Machines etc.

Revolving Plateform (2'x2' to 14'x14')
Different size of revolving platform is offered by Banu Films to suit specific needs and demands of people.

Storm Fans
With our storm fans, your project will surely have visual delights like storm with fast and blazing wind. You can make things look spot-on and natural with our storm fans.

Our Blowers work the way you want, and it takes you to reality. Objects get blown away with our fast and sharp blowers. You can hire blowers machines from us.

Rain Machines
Rain brings ideal setting for your projects, and you can have rain anytime once you avail the rain machines with diverse types. Your rain needs end with us.

Fog Machines
A hilly like setting with the charm of love and romance can be shaped effortlessly by our Fog machines. Get in touch with us to avail our fog machines for the best.