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Special Effects
Creating special effects is our business, and the task is executed with great care and delicacy. Special effects make films and parties to look quite natural, and rain, wind, fog, fire, explosions etc really work in splendid ways. You can seek the services of Banu Films for all your occasions.

Rain adds vitality and brings freshness in the themes of films and parties everywhere. With a thick array of rain equipment, artificial rains are made reality by us. Rain makes events look pretty cool and charming, and you can get in touch with us for everything, from rain in a window to 60' rain bars.

Toofan or Thunder is created through wide variety of Wind Machines to fit every need. Such glittering and mesmerizing effects will leave you wishing for more. You can have our service for such astonishing and natural effects.

Any film with action theme is not complete without blasts, and we comprise an extensive set-up of machineries to create blasts. For your blasts scenes in films or events, we are all set to lend our services.

Ground Effect
Banu Films is hired for superb Ground Effect to make things look extremely natural. It’s hard finding our match for ground effects, and you can avail our services for the best effects.